Salus App - Accept, support and Belong 
Salus is an exciting way for young people, families and friends to learn about HIV and how to properly use the medication that helps them stay alive and live a normal full life. 
Phd Researcher & Project lead : Warren Hickson
Design & Motion : Cowbell 
App Developer  : Karol Grulling
Visual Identity
Cowbell was approched by Warren Hickson to determine an engaging image that will convince young south african people. 
As the the Salus was quite popular in medical field, we choose a symbol combining the idea of an heart, hope and human.
The color palette is energetic & dynamic. The idea is to bring a positive feeling. We were constantly pushing the color palette to get away from a classic medical look. 
The App - Crash testing the concept
Before designing the app, we three of us worked very close on the wire frames in order to build a friendly user app. Next, We (Cowbell) started to design every frame under Sketch and deliver them to the developpers.  
Concept films 

Rewarding the patient by small animations

Alarm system that insists to take medication on time

Final designs
The App - Knowledge is the key
Warren Hickson who conducted the research found that South African youth did not have the knowledge to defend themselves from this disease. It was therefore a question of bringing these people the knowledge by using short animation videos to explain in a fairly direct way what this disease consisted of, how to treat it and how to live with AIDS.
We directed and animated 5 films which are embed into the Salus App.
Charactor explorations

More Cowbell

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