Motion Package for the French Ministry of Culture
Following the new identity created by the Graphéine agency, we have extended the visuals and the concepts to a motion identity. 

We worked closely with the Graphéine team who created the concept and together we developed the storyboards and the animation ideas. Then we produced a complete motion kit with intros, transitions, low-thirds, etc. 
A custom sound signature which follows the concept of the rebranding was created by François Cauderlier.
Client : Ministry of Culture
Agency : Graphéine 

Extending the concept of "Borderless Culture" 
The idea of a free and borderless culture is at the heart of this new identity, the motion had to follow this orientation. With the Graphéine team we designed the storyboards, taking care to find the same language as the static materials. In a more global way, it reinforces the coherence of their communication between print and digital.
Storyboards & Animatics
In order to introduce our ideas to the client, we invested a good amount of time on creating storyboards for the intros, the lower thirds, the subject openings and the transitions. Animatics were then made to find the right balance between the music and the animation and to get the timings validated by the client.
Creating a custom music signature
A custom music signature was composed by François Cauderlier (Cowbell). Very early on the process we thought about the problematic of sound and image for this project. The main idea was to make a sound patchwork to reflect the large scope of application of the French Ministry of Culture. Giving importance to the music during the very first steps of the projet certainly allowed us to gain in coherence and time during production.
Look and feel gif's
We also animated some posters to showcase and highlight the concept for the case study used in the Graphéine's article

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